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Bee An Advocate
Federal Alert AFSP

Take Action: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, for September 2022 Suicide Prevention Month, ask that Senators are contacted to support the

Suicide Prevention Act

Advocacy for mental health reform has to be prioritized for the needs of marginalized. Community and Public Awareness and education through existing committees, legislative action, and direct action support is imperative for all people, especially minority, marginalized and rural communities.

Our advocacy supports group facilitation, first aid training with scholarships offered for general public and law enforcement, individual support, event planning, public speaking, work with legislators and others involved in public policy, researching resources, and more.

From the U.S. Capitol to your state legislatures and local community policy makers, we support and encourage neighborhoods to use the power of self-lived experiences and other individuals to advocate and shape what is needed by raising the level of consciousness.

Your engagement with policymakers help. They want to know how mental illness impacts their constituents. Your neighborhood matters to them. Join us in advocating for mental health awareness and reform.

Link source: National Council for Behavioral Health​

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