We're Big On Neighborhood Mental Health Awareness

Everyone has an amazing role to raise mental health awareness in their neighborhood to end the stigma in the home, workplace, school and communities of faith to inspire hope for recovery.

"It takes the whole village to raise awareness!"

We're at the forefront 

We're at the forefront utilizing our "neighborhood-level approach" to provide accessible resources, to educate individuals and families for a better understanding of mental illnesses, to utilize self-help resources and explore treatment options for recovery.

BeeThe1ToHelpSomeone is mindful of how culturally diverse populations experience their uniqueness and deal with their differences and similarities and how help should be tailored to effectively meet the needs of various ethnic and racial groups. 

3rd 5K "Neighborhood Awareness" Runners 2020

"  To the world you may be
one person, but to one person
you may be their world."

Everyone has an amazing role to play to raise mental health awareness and end the #stigma 

in your home; in your community; at your school, workplace, and your community of faith.

Thank you for your support!


We're here for you.

We believe a better understanding of Mental Illnesses is through educating people to start the conversation to end the stigma and shame.

Mental Health First Aid is a skilled based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance abuse issues.

BeeThe1ToHelpSomeone offers scholarships for the course. 

We understand advocacy increases awareness and influences policy. 

 "There is no health without mental health."


How may we help?

Running the race for a culture of mental health awareness one neighborhood at a time.


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